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Making Money by Living Lighter

on January 18, 2012

Every year, when another new year rolls around, I pull out trash bags and boxes and fill them up with things we don’t need  anymore!   If it no longer serves a purpose in our lives or home, it’s out!

I wasn’t always this way…I used to save EVERYthing.   Three kids and a few episodes of “Hoarders” later, I was over it.  I was “over” hanging on to things that were no longer making our lives better.

I have some basic guidelines I follow when we embark on this process:


  • Broken toys
  • Toys that have missing pieces
  • Kids are no longer interested

Kids Closets

  • Stained, with no hope of getting it out
  • Outgrown, and something that I feel is not worth saving for future children.
  • Wrong size for the season (mostly with little baby clothes, since they grow too fast!)

I used to get emotionally overwhelmed by the thought of getting rid of baby things…but eventually my garage became overwhelmed with totes and totes of kids clothing.  Now I only save my favorite things for any future babies!  I also sort through hand-me-downs we recieve (and are so thankful for)  immediatley and pass on to another what we won’t use.

Our Closet

  • If I haven’t worn it in the last year
  • Stains…mostly the husband’s shirts!
  • No longer needed…maternity/nursing clothes that I am done with.  Most are WELL used by the end of a pregnancy.
  • Things that will probably never fit again

Keeping our things to a mininmum…only things we like and use, has allowed us to use our closet as a computer workspace and to store some of health/beauty stockpile (couponing has allowed us to stock up on products we need and use for rock pottom prices!)


  • Broken
  • Haven’t used in the past year

Every year we fill several large boxes and trash bags with things that were taking up space in our home, lives and minds!  It is truly a freeing feeling to load them in the van and drop them off!

I take all of my kids clothing, toys and my clothing  to a local children’s/women’s consignment store.  This year I made just over $100 in store credit!  I “bought” a cute Little Tikes nightstand for my boys’ room and still have lots left over!  I am keeping my eye out for a new-to-me single jogging stroller!

We sell bigger items on Craigslist!  What can I say, I {heart} Craigslist!  Last year we made $750 selling things we were done with…mostly my poor husbands duck decoys, which he hasn’t touched since he met me!

We take the rest to the Idaho Youth Ranch…we help kids out and get a tax deduction!

Happy cleaning!  And if you still need some motivation…search for “Hoarders” on Netflix, watch one episode, and you’ll be convinced.



2 responses to “Making Money by Living Lighter

  1. Penny Tocheri says:

    Everytime I watch “Hoarders” I go and find something to get rid of! Great organization!

  2. Heather says:

    You are so amazing.. did I tell you that yet?? 🙂

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