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Making It Work…Cutting Expenses to Stay Home.

on January 18, 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, Choosing to Live on One Income, we made a decision one day to make living on one income work, and stuck to it.  It was an easy decision.  The right decision.  But it meant we had to re-learn how to budget our money.

I was already frugal…I made my own laundry soap, cooked at home, shopped sales and consignment.  But in order to keep things flowing, and to stay out of debt, we had to get creative.

  • I started couponing and stopped going to Costco.  Savings per month-$400
  • Cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  Savings per month-$60
  • Canning/freezing my own fruits and veggies.  Savings per month-$30
  • Staying home more…date nights in, family movie nights.  Savings per month-$75
  • No “cost of work” expenses!  Savings per month-$25

I was able to cut almost $600 dollars out of our budget each month!

God also “assisted” us in our efforts.  Our prayers for my husband to move up in his company ( a small wholesale group, greatly impacted by the housing bubble) was answered!  My husband became a manager of the store branch in our town.  Which meant no more commute, a company car and cell phone.  We immediately sold his car and switched our cell phone plan to having only one line, mine.   This not only added to our monthly income, but allowed us to cut almost $200 per month in expenses!  We felt SO blessed!

We haven’t felt “poor”…ever.  We even managed to take a family trip to the Oregon Coast and buy a new mini-van!

We made a choice to make it work, and with the grace and blessing of God, we have.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.



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