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Choosing To Live On One Income

on January 13, 2012

When we started our family in 2006, our intent was always for me to be a stay at home mom.

However, due to financial stress, and a collapsing economy, we decided when my littlest was six months old that I would “moonlight” as a server at a nearby restraunt. The next day we found out we were (SUPRISE) expecting a second baby!

We were thankful for the insurance and the added income…but it was stressful to play “stay at home Mommy” during the day and wait tables at night.
I did this for for over three years…far longer than I ever anticipated. My heart ached to be at home with my husband and babies.

When we found out we were expecting Baby #3 in early 2010, I prayed and hoped, scimped and saved, hoping that I could stay home after the baby came. I planned everything down to the penny…how we would pay for (another) c-section, insurance, everything.

You know the saying, “you plan, God laughs”?  God laughed at our plans. I was put on restricted activity rest at 30 weeks ( I had hoped to work until 37 weeks), and when Chloe was born we found out she had a rare birth defect. She had a blood clot in her leg that caused part of her leg and foot tissue to become necrotic in utero. She spent seven days in the NICU.  One of the afternoons we were sitting in the NICU, staring at our beautiful daughter and wondering what the future held for her and for us,  my husband said to me, “you’re never going back to work, your job is to take care of her, we’ll make it work.” Despite everything that was wrong, that day, that moment, I found an incredible sense of peace.

And we did. We made it work. Despite a year filled with medical drama and bills…we made it work! We haven’t missed the second income at all! God has provided above and beyond our expectations!  Our daughter is amazing all of us with her health and joy!  So…I planned, God laughed…but really, He was laughing because HE knew how to make my dreams come true!



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